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APC Publishers and their editors have been in the publishing industry for nearly three decades and have published countless Magazines, Bookazines, and Catalogues.

We offer a custom writing service and have mastered the art of SEO article writing, creating web content. We also extend our services of proofreading, rewriting and online editing. We are excited to offer our services not only in South Africa but in the UK as well.

APC Publishers takes publishing seriously, as we target readers who enjoy life; we pride ourselves on excellence, commitment, and service. We are dedicated to quality in our publishing activities our expertise lies within publishing magazines, but we are also very clued up on marketing, public relations, and your social platforms to put your company, big or small, on the map.

We also specialise in digital magazines with world-class content.

Our Editors, Journalists, Designers, Marketers, and Copywriters have a reputation for an impressive array of South African titles from weeklies and monthly magazines. We take your projects very seriously as we take a long-term view in our decisions rather than focusing on short-term financial gains.

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